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The Story of the Order Up!(!) Box Art... Story 

When this game originally shipped on the Wii it was with some of the ugliest drawings I've ever done, right there on the front of the box. Oopsie! Luckily for people who dislike looking at hideous art this game was practically impossible to find in stores. So a few years later SVS was able to team up with some brand new publishers for a hopefully much wider release of the game. The upside for me was a chance to redeem myself with a new and improved box cover. 

Here we have the original cover. Not too pretty.
Here are the revised characters. Much less awful.

This is a lineup of the chefs with a bunch of their assistants.
This is the "Conan" cover. It wound up on the back of the instruction manual for the original Wii release.

For the new release we were thinking about going with a brand new cover, but this one wound up being too busy. The delicious steak in the foreground was painted by Kelli Davis. I did the rest.

Here's the cover I did that the UK publisher approved. I was much happier with this one.
The North American publisher wanted a few more changes and this is what I wound up with. Not any better or worse than the previous one in my opinion. Still works, just a little different.
Here's a close-up of the background detail. This guy reminds me of Fred Mertz.Beneath that jacket his pants are probably pulled up to his armpits.

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