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Shielder Death Animation


I bet just before your malfunctioning winged shielding unit carries your lifeless corpse away you feel like a real sucker for buying that extended warranty.

Random Doodles

A hovering kid and a cranky bully for my bud, John Moran.
I told my friends at Turtle Rock that they should change their name to Turtle Head Studios, but they all laughed like I was joking. :(

Fat Princess Beer Label

Usually whenever a project wraps up at SVS a bunch of the guys go to a brewery and make some beer about it. Fat Princess for the PSP was no exception. So the artists each designed a label for this victory beer and this was my entry. The reports were unanimous that this brew was especially terrible. Great job, team.

ESPN Storyboards

Some storyboards for an ESPN game that got axed after the big shake-up at Disney Interactive.