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Demo Reel 2010

My latest demo reel! It basically consists of bits and pieces of all the previously posted clips. Now you
don't have to wear out your finger scrolling up and down the page all day long!

Order Up! Character Select and Intro Sequence

This is basically the way Order Up! starts. I concepted and storyboarded the sequence and assets
and did all the animation.

p.s. I also made the bag of "Enlarged Po'Tates" in the foreground.

Female Player Character from Order Up!

Here we have another example of the "Unnerving Frozen-Face" disorder, a result of rendering in 3ds Max where the game materials don't function correctly.

That aside, these are the fidget animations that I did for the player character. I also created her character concept.

Assistant Chefs Dance Party

If there's a way to make a clown creepier than having a static, lifeless face then I haven't found it. 
What's going on here is that these models are all game assets and their faces only animated in the 
game's engine. During gameplay all the chefs had hand keyed 2D lip sync and actually turned 
out pretty cool!

Anyway, here's some fidget animations I did for Order Up! on the Wii. I also did all three character


Various run cycles for an old, old in-house project pitch. Not terribly exciting or very good, guess I'll go take a nap.

Dungeon Siege: PSP 2D cutscenes

Ok, a little background on these. All the basic art was done by my art director, Chris Glenn. I then
put them into 3ds Max and started moving things all over the place! The goal was just to provide
something of visual interest while a voiceover delivered a long, long, long narration about some
nonsense involving Dungeons, and Sieging.

Hostile Robot

Oh no, the robot got set to "Furious" again. I told you to quit messing with the buttons!

I did the concept, model, texture, rig and animation on this one. It's super old.

Grumps the Zombie

This zombie has a hard time making friends. The causes for this are many but reason #1? Bad breath.

I did the model, texture, rig and animation.