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Demo Reel 2011

Shot Breakdown

Shots 1-4:
Project: Tower Wars; Knight character
Rig: Brad Noble's Skeleton Rig
Responsible for: Animation

Shot 5:
Project: Tower Wars; Grunt character
Rig: Brad Noble's Skeleton Rig
Responsible for: Animation

Shot 6:
Project: Personal exercise; The Big Lebowski
Rig: Peter Starostin's MAX rig
Responsible for: Animation

Shots 7-8:
Project: Tower Wars; Tin Man character
Rig: Brad Noble's Skeleton Rig
Responsible for: Animation

Shot 9:
Project: Order Up!; Character select cinematic
Rig: Biped :(
Responsible for: Character concept, story concept, rigging, animation

Shots 10-11:
Project: TRON Evolution; Takedown animations
Rig: Biped
Responsible for: Fight choreography; animation

Shot 12:
Project: Order Up!; Mr. Jinkies animation
Rig: Biped
Responsible for: Rigging, animation

Shot 13:
Project: Order Up!!; Drive-thru animation
Rig: Biped (character), custom (car)
Responsible for: Rigging, animation

Food Truck Drivers

"It's a snoutsicle. You want it or not?"
Pirate Captain Beard
Captain Beard.
Dutch Oven
The Dutch Oven driver. Toot toot!

Mischief Figure Sketch

Messing around with Mischief, a neat little vector drawing program.

Neogenesis: Desert Zombie

Neogenesis: Desert Zombie

Definitely one of the strangest projects I've worked on. Some Australian shoe millionaire hired SVS to make a demo of a game idea he had about these desert zombies who, for some reason, could use automatic weapons. His magnum opus would be called Neogenesis: Desert Zombie. The game, as best we could figure, entailed circling zombies in a helicopter and exchanging gunfire with them.

We put together a working demo in about a month, the guy absolutely hated it and shortly thereafter ways were eagerly parted. The end.

Farscape Clips


These are the scenes I animated for an episode of Farscape about one million years ago when I worked for StarToons in Illinois.

Beat Runner - Intro Idles


I really don't have anything to say about this game other than that I did some animation for it.

BurgerFace Assistant manager


Some words of inspiration from the Assistant Manager over at BurgerFace.

TRON - Beta Wins


Cinematic scene from TRON Evolution where cheers nearly turn to laughter as Beta mistakenly revels in applause meant for the inanimate tank behind him. Soon after, Flynn livens up the scene with some spellbinding dialog and gives away his coveted light-up bicycle!

Hot Wheels

Driver concepts for a Hot Wheels project pitch.
I have a black belt in color shifting.