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General Insurance TV Spot


I animated one of the very last General commercials before they switched over to motion capture. Not sure what that says about my work, but I animated everything here except for the scenes involving The General's ultra-swanky luxury tour bus.

Having never seen anything I've done broadcast on TV before, I watched and watched hoping to see this air but only ever caught the last 2 seconds once on SyFy The Sci-Fi Channel. A couple of my friends said they saw it though, and I believed them.

Here's a test I did for them before starting work on the actual project:

In a lot of ways I actually like this test better than the final commercial. I think the main reason for that is because I got the final audio from the beginning. On the commercial I had to animate to temp audio with a temp voice actor and then swap in final audio later read by a different voice actor. I probably would've made different acting choices if I had known from the beginning how the lines were going to sound. Still, I think it turned out ok given how short the turnaround was.

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